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for Good

A fun virtual competition among area chefs and home cooks

February 4 – 11, 2021 

From February 4-11, area chefs and home cooks showcased their favorite recipes, shared their expertise, and competed for votes to be named “the best”… all to benefit the Ada Jenkins Center.

The competition included three categories: desserts, non-alcoholic drinks, and cocktails, and everyone was invited to cast their votes at $5.00 per vote.  Thanks to everyone who participated — cooks, chefs, and friends — $16,200 was raised to help the Ada Jenkins Center serve families in Cornelius, Davidson and Huntersville who are facing economic, employment, and food insecurity.

Congratulations to the winners!:

  • Most Votes:  Brenda Barger’s Gluten-free baked caramel corn
  • Most Donations: Nora Barger’s Chocolate tart with shortbread crust

To see all of the competing recipes and directions, click on the links below: