Employment Services at The Ada Jenkins Center: Helping Client Partners Secure Work

Employment assistance is among the many services the Ada Jenkins Center is excited to offer. This assistance helps client partners connect with employers and find work – which plays a crucial role in improving their quality of life. Here is what you should know about employment services at the Center:

 The Employment Specialist Is Ready to Help

Anyone who has worked with the Center to secure employment likely knows Cara Schlitz, the employment specialist. Cara is available Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., to meet with client partners who are interested in employment services. She is available to assist with resumes, researching employment opportunities, online applications and interview preparation. When a client partner first comes to Cara for assistance, she takes the time to understand their situation and which services are needed. She then makes the appropriate referrals to employers and/or other agencies.

 Organizations Visiting Ada Jenkins

Many organizations are working with the Ada Jenkins Center on-site to help client partners find employment. On Wednesdays, a job developer from Goodwill is in the computer room to help with job searching and basic computer skills. The job developer from Goodwill and Employment Specialist Cara Schlitz are working together on securing job leads, and help client partners on a walk-in basis. There are also two other groups who will be partnering with Ada on-site beginning this spring:

  • Non-profit recruiting agency Grace Mar will be at Ada once per week to interview and refer client partners to jobs.
  • Inner Vision will be assisting people who need supported employment. This is for people who need one-on-one assistance with each step of the job search and employment retention.

Computer and Microsoft Excel Training

The Ada Jenkins Center will soon be offering basic computer classes. Additionally, within this realm, one of the Center’s volunteers will be working one-on-one with client partners to train them in beginning Microsoft Excel.

While this is a quick overview of the employment services the Ada Jenkins Center offers, both now and starting in the spring, we hope to continue to grow the program. For more information, or if you have any questions regarding these employment services, you can contact Cara Schlitz at cara.schlitz@adajenkins.org.


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