Ada in Action: Jacob’s Story

This week kicks off the first round of “Ada in Action”, our latest series of blog posts in which we will be sharing stories of how the Ada Jenkins Center helps the people of our local community. Stories like this are what keep us motivated to work hard and help those in need. 

“Jacob is a student in our LEARN Works program and a Cornelius resident. We received some great news from his school last week; Jacob made tremendous gains in both his reading and math scores over the course of the Fall 2015 semester. His MAP reading score jumped from a 162 to a 176, and his math score jumped from a 182 to a 195. Over the course of the year, a third grader is expected to grow 8 points in reading and 11 points in math. Jacob has gained 11 points in reading and 13 points in math. That’s a full year’s worth of growth, and then some, in just a few short months.

We will continue to work with Jacob, his peers and their families to improve their reading and math skills but more importantly, to instill a love of learning. Jacob has family members involved in other programs at Ada Jenkins. This year, we’ve hired a Family Engagement Specialist to coordinate with our Human Services staff to build on success for the whole family. We cannot do this work without your support.”

Stay tuned for a new “Ada in Action” story next week and in the meantime, learn how you can get involved in our community!

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