Our Team

Our client-partners come from all walks of life. Our team is diverse and well-equipped to help client-partners improve their quality of life.

2019-2020 Board of Directors

  • Lesley Chambless, Co-Chair
  • Donna Turner, Co-Chair
  • Brian Peace, Vice Chair
  • Richard Pappas, Treasurer
  • Marvin Brandon, Secretary
  • Kathi Ames
  • Lisa DeMao
  • Richard Guerrero
  • David Holthouser
  • Jesse Jones
  • Kim Jude
  • Iretha Kerns
  • Angela Kirkby
  • Brian O’Regan
  • Beth Quinn
  • Ray Steimel

Ex Officio
Stacy Phillips
Rusty Knox
Bill Russell
Woody Washam




  • Josephine Acevedo, Administrative Assistant
  • Heidi Acker, Food Pantry Coordinator
  • Katherine Androvich, Eligibility Specialist
  • Melissa Atherton, Development Associate
  • Kateaka Brown, Education Services Operations Coordinator
    Louisa Boswell, Davidson Impact Fellow (Medical Clinic)
  • Laurie Craven, Accountant
  • Carol Cuthbertson, Van Monitor
  • Tina Donaldson, Receptionist
  • Savannah Golden, Lead Childcare Worker / Instructor Assistant
  • Debra Holbrook, Accountant
  • Andy Jackson, Dental Driver and Maintenance
  • Josh Kiser, (Interim) Community Awareness and Volunteers Manager
  • Grace Lopez, Coordinated Services Specialist
  • Coralia Lorusso, Administrative and Engagement Assistant
  • Janine Marlow, LEARN Works Instructor
  • Cory Muir, Bridge Program and Special Literacy Coordinator
  • Stephanie Pierce, Community Health Nurse
  • Cara Schlitz, Career Development Facilitator
  • Mary Shoaf, Coordinated Services Specialist
  • Marlene Stabin,  LEARN Works Instructor
  • Maritza Stutts, Coordinated Services Specialist
  • Sheila Weaver, Coordinated Services Specialist
  • Mardee Woodward, Events Manager