Our Team

Our client-partners come from all walks of life. Our team is diverse and well-equipped to help client-partners improve their quality of life.

2019-2020 Board of Directors

  • Lesley Chambless, Co-Chair
  • Donna Turner, Co-Chair
  • Brian Peace, Vice Chair
  • Richard Pappas, Treasurer
  • Marvin Brandon, Secretary
  • Kathi Ames
  • Lisa DeMao
  • Richard Guerrero
  • David Holthouser
  • Jesse Jones
  • Guadalupe Juarez
  • Iretha Kerns
  • Angela Kirkby
  • Brian O’Regan
  • Beth Quinn
  • Ray Steimel

Ex Officio
Brian Hines
Rusty Knox
Bill Russell
Woody Washam


Georgia Krueger, Executive Director
Diane Means, Director of Impact and Engagement
Janice Hinton, Director of Workforce Development and Housing
Jennifer Fielder, Director of Coordinated Services
Joanna Palazzolo, Dental Clinic Manager
Karen Martin, Director of Development
Kelley Cock, Medical Clinic Manager
Leslie Wilson, Director of Education Services
Melissa Scott, Director of Volunteers
Tamara Roach, Director of Operations


Andy Jackson, Dental Driver and Maintenance
Cara Schlitz, Career Development Facilitator
Carol Cuthbertson, Van Monitor
Constancia Copeland, Lead Childcare Worker
Coralia Lorusso, Administrative and Engagement Assistant
Cory Muir, Bridge Program and Special Literacy Coordinator
Debra Holbrook, Accountant
Grace Lopez, Coordinated Services Specialist
Heidi Acker, Food Pantry Coordinator
Janine Marlow, LEARN Works Instructor
Josephine Acevedo, Administrative Assistant
Katherine Androvich, Eligibility Specialist
Kateaka Brown, Education Services Operations Coordinator
Keesha Taylor, LEARN Works Van Driver
Louisa Boswell, Davidson Impact Fellow
Mardee Woodward, Events Manager
Maritza Stutts, Coordinated Services Specialist
Marlene Stabin,  LEARN Works Instructor
Mary Shoaf, Coordinated Services Specialist
Melissa Atherton, Development Associate
Myka Johnson, Dental Assistant
Sheila Weaver, Coordinated Services Specialist
Stephanie Pierce, Community Health Nurse
Tina Donaldson, Receptionist