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Volunteer Spotlight: Ellen Francis

I began volunteering at The Ada Jenkins Center in 2007 and have continued since I moved to The Pines in 2011.

Through that time, I have never grown tired of helping out: my regular four-hour shift is every Monday afternoon -- I answer incoming phone calls and greet those who come in. It's a very busy desk!

The clients seen at Ada Jenkins come from all walks of life and are known as "client-partners" because the Center wants and expects their journey to be a partnership.

The Center's philosophy is to work with entire families and the root causes of generational poverty.

For example, a student in our tutoring program recently showed some deterioration in behavior. He shared with his classroom coordinator that his father had become ill and was not able to work.

The coordinator connected the family with the Center's Free Medical Clinic for assistance with the father's medical issues, and also connected the family with Ada's Care Coordinator. The Care Coordinator was able to do a full case assessment of the entire family's needs, and was able to refer the family to the Ada Food Pantry and to find assistance with some crisis bills.

The father is now back on his feet, the family is now in case management with the Center, and the student is back on track.

There is nothing like the feeling of knowing I have helped someone. I hope to keep volunteering at the Center for another seven years!

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There is nothing like the feeling of knowing I have helped someone.