The Ada Jenkins Center utilizes over 750 unduplicated volunteers a year. These volunteers provide more than 20,950 hours of service to effectively manage our programs on behalf of the client-partners we serve. This support equates to approximately $447,000 in donated services!

The majority of our volunteers commit to a regular schedule of volunteer time within a specific program. In 2013-2014, volunteers helped feed more than 2,309 client-partners through our Loaves and Fishes pantry, resulting in 4,598 services provided. With volunteer support, we were able to serve 565 patients, conduct 1,297 patient visits and offer 221 referrals to specialists in of Free Clinic of Our Town. These are just a few of the examples of the benefits of a strong volunteer core committed to supporting Ada Jenkins. In 2013-2014, Ada Jenkins served 4,516 neighbors in need providing 12,656 different services.

  • Individual Volunteer Opportunities
  • Group Volunteer Opportunities
  • Event Planning Volunteers - Planning volunteers are needed for the Red Hot Gala (April 17, 2015), Curry Celebrity Classic (June 22, 2015), and 2015 FIRE! (October 3, 2015)
  • Volunteer Spotlight

    The Blue Man Group, Maintenance Geeks, or Jacks-of-All-Trades - whatever you want to call these three volunteers combined, please include the term "fantastic." Mario Bibiloni, Joe Scarpino, and Nick Jurisko all met for the first time at an AJC volunteer orientation back in Jan 2014 - Mario as facilitator, Joe and Nick as participants.

    Since then, these three volunteers have become a cohesive team, serving The Center's maintenance needs as never before. They have completed well over 110 logged maintenance requests from staff, varying from hanging bulletin boards and shelving to keeping the main building restrooms functional.

    The service they provide The Center is invaluable and desperately needed! People are surprised to learn these three are not lifelong friends, even though they are all Northerners and have December birthdays.

    Joe, Nick and Mario - The Ada Jenkins Center staff and other volunteers cannot thank you enough for your gift of maintenance to The Center!!!