Note: If you receive a call from either Lydia's Loft or Hope House soliciting donations and offering to pick up, these calls are fraudulent. Neither organization is authorizing or making those calls. Do not respond positively or give items related to either call.

Life Compass

The Life Compass program includes Case Management services, Care Coordination for navigation of The Ada Jenkins Center's programs, referrals to The Bin and other organizations, Sunshine Fund (emergency rent and utility assistance), and help with job skills/searches.

Not sure which direction to go?

Make an appointment with our Care Coordinator to help assess your current situation. If you need to work one-on-one with our Case Manager on developing a plan, utilizing available resources and taking steps on your path to success, a referral will be made to our Case Manager after meeting with the Care Coordinator.

Requirements: Clients must be residents of Davidson, Huntersville or Cornelius
Contact: Care Coordinator at (704) 896-0471 x 115

Services offered through the Life Compass Program

  • Job search lab to assist in on-line applications, resume building, coaching from HR professionals
  • CPCC classes to improve employment success and computer skills
  • Benefit Bank Tax Services
  • Holiday Assistance
  • Connection to a DSS community social worker to help you understand what government services are available
  • Affordable phone services
  • GED and ESL classes, and evening computer classes.

The Sunshine Fund

The Sunshine Fund is emergency rent and utility assistance. Sunshine Fund clients must bring a picture ID, proof of residency for the client and anyone else living in the home, current pay stubs, and Social Security Cards for everyone in the home and bills for utility assistance and eviction notice for assistance with rent.

Requirements: Clients must be residents of Davidson, Huntersville or Cornelius. Mooresville residents may obtain assistance through the Mooresville Christian Mission.
Contact: Care Coordinator at (704) 896-0471 x 115

Loaves & Fishes

The Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry serves residents of Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson and South Iredell (Mooresville and Troutman).

Shop for groceries in the pantry based on a bagging list provided by Loaves & Fishes. The bagging list indicates how many items you may choose in each food category. Volunteers assist you as you shop, to help identify how many items from a category you may take.

Children are NOT allowed in the downstairs or in the pantry. If you have children, pantry volunteers will shop for you. Children can NOT be left unattended.

Clients are eligible to receive food once every 45 days.

A referral is required. The person making the referral should call Loaves & Fishes Administrative Office at 704-523-4333. The office will let the referring person know when and where to pick up your food. Contact one of the following to make a referral for you to Loaves & Fishes:

  • Church pastor
  • School counselor
  • DSS, Salvation Army, Goodwill
  • The Ada Jenkins Center program staff member that you're currently working with

IREDELL CLIENTS: The referring agency should call The Ada Jenkins Center at (704) 896-0471 x 120. The referring agency should leave their contact information.

Required Documentation: A photo ID with current address for individual completing application.

Monday 12:30pm - 3:30pm
Wednesday 12:30pm - 3:30pm
Thursday 12:30pm - 3:30pm
Second Saturday of the month 9:30am - 12:30pm

The Bin

The Bin is partner of The Ada Jenkins Center's Life Compass program that supplies furniture and appliances for individuals and families in need. To receive furniture from The Bin, all clients must first come to the Ada Jenkins Center on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 9:30am - 12pm or 12:30pm - 3pm to fill out an application for a referral form, which they take with them to The Bin.

Documentation Required for Referral

If shopping for themselves and/or any other adult in the household (18 years and up), proof of residency is required. You must be able to show two items with your current address. This may include:

  • Driver's license with current address
  • Car insurance with current address
  • Prescriptions with names/addresses
  • Utility bill or phone bill
  • Tax returns
  • Lease

If shopping for children less than 18 years of age, proof as main caregiver must be provides. This may include:

  • Birth certificates for all children
  • Medicaid cards
  • Reduced/free lunch paperwork
  • Food stamp information
  • School Identification

You also must bring proof of 30 days income for the household.

Requirements: We cannot do Bin referrals for Mooresville residents. Clients must have 28036, 28078 or 28031 ZIP codes (Davidson, Huntersville or Cornelius). Mooresville residents can contact the Mooresville Christian Mission at (704) 664-2357.