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Linking Everyone to Achievement Resources Now

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Helping close the achievement gap for economically disadvantaged youth has been an on-going challenge and is becoming increasingly difficult as class sizes continue to increase, budgets continue to shrink and resources to assist our most vulnerable students are practically non-existent.

Our basic goals are:

  • Academic Development: Academic skill building, homework assignments, build academic confidence and perception of self as a student
  • Personal Growth: Encourage students to make positive choices by developing a strong set of social skills using the 7 Habits of Happy Kids curriculum
  • Provide Experiences: Access to a variety of activities that motivate, inspire, and enrich students' lives

The Ada Jenkins Center LEARN Works program (Linking Everyone to Achievement Resources Now), operating for more than 14 years, has established itself as a positive and productive program for the students, staff and volunteers. The mission of this program is to partner with families and schools to enhance and enrich the educational experience of students in our local communities. Students enrolled in the program are in grades one through eight and attend Davidson, Cornelius, JV Washam Elementary School and Bailey Middle School. Students are referred to the program by classroom teachers or school administrators because of a demonstrated need for additional academic support.

There is a $50 fee per child per year for the program. However, no child is turned away for the inability to pay.

Over our 2013-2014 school year, 184 volunteers have logged more than 9,723 hours of service to this program. Area churches and civic groups help provide snacks for the children. Snacks for the children are donated and cost an average $50 per day. As our enrollment continues to grow, so does our volunteer support need. We are seeking financial support, healthy snacks and VOLUNTEERS to tutor/mentor our students. Donations to support the program are tax deductible.